He's an accomplished film producer, the president of a global film production and consulting company, and an expert on the planning, budgeting and execution of both international and domestic filming. On the next Cinematic Immunity, Billy Badalato, Jr., tells us his story, and shares so much sage advice for finding success in the entertainment industry ("Your first day of work is really your second job interview.") that we couldn't fit it all into just one episode. Yes, it's another Cinematic Immunity two-parter - but with thirty years of working in the film industry, Badalato, Jr., had so many valuable lessons to share with our listeners, that we just couldn't leave any of them out. 

It's clear almost from the moment you meet Billy Badalato, Jr., that he's a man who loves what he does. He has a true passion for film - which may be an inherited trait, considering that his family has been involved in movies since at least as far back as the 1920's. That's when his grandfather, Steve D'Inzillo, helped start the Projectionist Union in New York, IA Local 01 - the first ever IATSE union in the United States - before going on to be the long-time president of IATSE Local 306. His father, Bill Badalato, Sr., is a successful producer, whose films include About Schmidt, Benny & Joon, and Top Gun, which was one of the first films that our guest ever worked on, as personal assistant to producer Don Simpson.

From a very young age, Badalato, Jr., was taught to take every job he was given seriously,  learning the unique skills and needs of each department on a film set. Though he may not have realized it at the time, all of that knowledge would eventually allow him to do what he does today as a producer and consultant: Anticipate a film's complex production needs long before they ever have a chance to become budget-blowing production problems. Or, to put this lesson into his own words, "I've been fortunate enough that I started at the bottom."  From how seasonal tidal fluctuations cost Jaws II an extra $1 million, to how asking about the weather could have kept Waterworld's budget (and set) a little more buoyant ("Always talk to the locals!"), Billy Badalato, Jr., knows all the right questions to ask. On Tuesday, we'll ask him the questions, and we promise that his answers will entertain as much as they will enlighten. 

Hear Badalato, Jr., school us on the ins and outs of international and domestic film consulting, the logistics of Navy fighter-jet refueling, and some of the difficulties of using trains, planes and boats in your movie. We'll discuss what happens when you go to shoot in the middle of nowhere, and how to climb the showbiz ladder from personal assistant to president of a global production and consulting company. Learn all that and more, on the next episode of the Cinematic Immunity podcast, this Tuesday.

Check back next week - and subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and anywhere else that fine podcasts are streamed - to hear part one of our interview with the great Billy Badalato, Jr. 

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