Ep. 37 James Neihouse, A.S.C. - Cinematographer

James Neihouse portrait

This week's episode of Cinematic Immunity with James Neihouse, A.S.C. is not to be missed. We talk about his experience training astronauts for the 70mm IMAX movie, "A Beautiful Planet". Along with his passion for adventure, space exploration and NASA, James has a great passion for education which made with the perfect candidate to work with NASA astronauts on how to photograph and troubleshoot IMAX cameras over the course of this film.  After years shooting more than 30 IMAX films with topics ranging from the wonder of air flight to the destructive power of volcanoes.  We also talk about his time working with the late Haskell Wexler as well as a few other war stories from along the way.


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