Ep. 36 - How do we Make Better Movie Babies?

We have all heard the analogy that a director's film is his or her baby.  In this episode of Cinematic Immunity, we discuss that analogy as a partnership with the distribution or sales company as a partnership in nature.

"How do we Make Better Movie Babies" is an episode that helps to dispel the myth of feature film distribution and sales market by interviewing 2 experienced distribution agents and 1 sales agent and 1 filmmaker who knows how to make it happen. 

Thanks to everyone joining us again for this episode of cinematic Immunity. This week, our panel of guests include Daisy Hamilton of TriCoast Worldwide, Alex Saviliev of Vision Films and Morris Ruskin of Shoreline Entertainment.  These amazing guests represent the distribution side of making movie babies. Also on the show is special guest writer/director Byron Yee who knows how the business of show business works. Enjoy the show everyone!

Alex Saviliev Portrait
Morris Ruskin.jpg
Daisy Hamilton Image
Byron Yee

A special thanks goes out for all of the extra work of some amazingly talented people.  This week's story was produced and co written by Zoe Lane. It was great to have her keeping the points consistent and flowing as we gathered these viewpoints.  Editorial by Tyler Nisbet and thanks to him for all the extra effort.  

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